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Proof in the Power Dust  DOWNLOAD the QuicktimeMovie Above to VIEW the dramatically successful results!

Proof in the Power Dust is a quick slide show of pictures. A one week old foal was attacked by dogs. The owner,Ed Lewis of Kohala, was sure the foal would not survive. In addition to the major tears and rips on its  forearms, there were punctures in its flanks and bruised tissue area over its withers. The foal was given some intramuscular antibiotics for 3 days, its nursing mother has been fed the INF-X daily. The injuries were cleansed with betadine and peroxide (50/50mix) daily followed by a liberal application of Power Dust and some INF-X.  The results have been awesome! The slide show shares photos of day three through week three! We will share more soon! Power Dust is powerful as a poultice and healing agent for wounds!CLICK on the QUick time movie above to see the outcome!

For LioLapa'au Silver Lining Herbs have fully been a joy. The owner of the little colt kept saying that he did not think the foal would make it, he did not know if he should call the vet, or put the colt down! We are so happy to have had Silver Lining Herbs to help our friend and this little horse who currently is galloping on the hillsides of Kohala Mountains.

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