Aloha horse lovers, lovers of riding and all things related to our most noble friends: It has taken such a long time to get these web pages up! Mahalo for your support and interest in healing horses.
I have taught horse back riding since I was 16 yrs old. I find great joy  from always learning and especially from empowering others to go on their own and ride well.
I delight in healing horses through common sense practical ways in concert with those who have expertise.
Welcome to this blog and to the world of LIO LAPA"AU.  healing horses of Hawaii


Riding this week is better than last...!

Jenny, Andrew & Casey Stevens

Fern & Alvin,

Thanks for all your teachings and guidance with Casey, he totally adores yop both! Andrew & I are so grateful to have him learning from some of the best!
Also thanks for turning us on to "Silver Lining." It has helped our dogs and horses tremendously! For those of you out there who haven't tried "Silver Lining" yet you don't know what youre missing!
Our doge aree on the "Worm Foe" and we see that they eat better, their coats are thick and shiny, they appear healthier and have a lot of energy! Our horses are on different things for different issues. I was hours away from putting my horse down due to excessive arthitis in her shoulders and my nephew talked me out of it. We tried the "Silver Lining" products and she was walking in 3 days!!! Yes, I could not believe my eyes! Needless to say, we are "believers" so thank you for bringing us the miracle stuff!

Much Aloha, The Stevens (Kohala, HI)

Fern aka HawaiianCowgirl

Mahalo nui to the Stevens ohana! Mahalo for your greetings and appreciation of Silver Lining herbs ..the good stuff!
It gives me such great joy to know that we are in fact helping our friends, their horses and dogs! Yeehaw.
Mahalo for sharing your time and real testimonials this weekend at the Hawaii Championships USTRC roping this weekend. Mahalo nui. As for Casey, both Alvin & I enjoy sharing our mana'o! For as long as he wishes to learn, we are willing to share!
Mahalo nui again! Fern


ALoha Fern
We are currently feeding our horses the joint and feet support we recently purchased from you. Mahalo nui for your advice. We had tried other stuff before but this time we think the cleaning out the kidneys is what made the difference.
See you the next roping!ALoha no

Gena Lay Rickard

Aloha Fern
I've watched Fern for a many number of years come to our island and compete with local girls at our rodeos. I can honestly say that Fern knows her stuff.Year after year she was the girl to beat(and I might add that she is still is the one to beat).I have often wondered how her horses held up with all the shipping she had to do to compete in neighbor island rodeos(they travel by barge from island to island),and year after year she was competing on the same horses. She definatly takes excellent care or her horses.I beleive that for her to endorse this product and use it herself is a testimony in it'self.I can't wait to learn more about what she uses and why,to keep her horses in "Top Shape!" Mahalo

Lio Lapa'au

ALoha e Gena...
mahalo for your blog! Indeed.. I recall your wonderful Stallion who could surely turn N Burn! He would zoom in to the arena and make such tight turns! We sure had a tons of wonderful days.. competing and learning.. and the barrel racing was so tough especially there on Maui! All the race horse bloodlines! FlyING!
Mahalo too for your comments of confidence! These Silver Lining Products are all natural, effective and economical! These days we all still want to care for our partners: horses and dogs. Mahalo nui... I will be there on Maui soon to share these products and information. A hui hou..
Fern..aka da HAwaIiaN CowGirL!


Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. Do you think so?

Ann & Ed Stevens

Hey Fern, are yall? We are on Maui and got the news this morning of a 4.5 earthquake in your area. I hope yall are okay. PLUS Iselle is there NOW! We will get her to a lesser degree in a few hours. Praying for you guys that you and your house and animals are weathering the storm!!!! a hui hou!


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