Fun stuffs ....

Melveen Leed and Fern at the Old Hawaii on Horseback 2008. Melveen is one of Fern's all time favorites. At one of Melveen's 1980's rodeo concerts, Fern got Melveen's autograph on a cowboy boot! The other boot was autographed by Loretta Lynn in the same year! Fun stuff!

Fun stuffs FLASHBACK to 1967 Ulupalakua Ranch.
Fern's home and backyard for a photo shoot with Larry Ikeda - Maui News.

Palomina mare Coquette and Fern. Now this is what Fern has always called fun. Riding full tilt with no reins. Through fire less! Getting high was for real flying over obstacles! The jump through fire was because Dad built the obstacle for performances at the fairgrounds and rodeos. Fern really proved her horse would jump through fire for her!

Makawao Rodeo 2008 Steer Undecorating

Photo Credit Jock Goldman
 Fern aboard Willy on her way to another back to back win at  Makawao in the Steer Undecorating. WIlly loves running  and with Alvin hazing on Tag, it SEEMS an easy task despite Willy's height and Fern's shorty arms!

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