New From Silver Lining Herbs,  E-Kit !!
Special Sale Price this month! $70(Reg $85 plus s/h)

E KIT is something that every horse owner needs so you can be prepared for the worst situations.  Has your horse ever had colic, been tied up, bitten, or cut AND you unable to help them or give them attention they need?  Now you can be ready!  It all comes in a convenient durable bag to take with you on the trail or in the horse trailer.

The E-Kit contains:
-          9 tablespoons of #16 Power Dust
-          9 tablespoons of #17 Gastro Support
-          9 tablespoons of #25 INF-X
-          9 tablespoons of #37 Kidney Support
-          1 container of Equisalve
-          1 roll of vet wrap
-          1 60cc syringe
-          1 gauze pad
The E-Kit retails for $85.00. ON SALE THIS MONTH for $70
Reasons why want these products are in the E-Kit.
-          #16 for any type of cut
-          #17 for episodes of colic
-          #25 when infection may be present such as: a cut, strangles, pigeon fever
-          #37 for when a horse may be suffering from tying up or kidney failure
-          Equisalve for hoof cracks, scrapes, and nicks.

Kit is EASY and SMALL! TAKE it everywhere & KEEP it anywhere.  

Every horse owner should own at least one of these!

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